Chuyển phát nhanh hàng hóa là gì?
Find out what a short delivery service is or consider a courier service
So what is courier actually? What is the difference between conventional shipping services and express delivery services?

Let’s find out more details through the article below.

What is courier service?

In the past, with limited facilities and difficult travel roads, it took a lot of time to transport goods / parcels to addresses between provinces. The sender and receiver do not know specifically when their goods / items will arrive.

Chuyển phát nhanh là gì?
You can choose the mode of transport or transport that suits you

The carriage of goods in the aforementioned way will only be considered as normal form of transport or freight.
With the development of construction infrastructure and technology, we have been able to accurately control and estimate (possibly minutes, seconds) how long goods / parcels will reach people. take.
Since then, the concept of express delivery was officially born.

So what is the courier service?

It can be understood simply, express delivery is a normal form of delivery, but there is a guarantee of delivery time to the recipient.
Express delivery services will be different from regular courier services in that the service provider will always give a definite commitment period for the freight / parcel movement.
In the current era of technology development 4.0, express delivery has been upgraded by many economists with accompanying concepts such as: shipping and receiving goods within the day, guaranteed shipping by the parties, …

Forms of express delivery today

Whether it is domestic delivery or international express delivery, depending on the form of freight transport according to different channels, express delivery is divided into categories:

Dịch vụ chuyển phát nhanh là gì?
Courier documents transport forms of diversified forms

– Express delivery by air: is a form of transporting goods and documents via air (between provinces with airports).
– Express delivery by road: is a form of transporting goods / postal parcels via roads across the country
– Railway express: through the national railway system, goods / parcels will be transported to the receiving addresses as required.
– Express delivery by waterway: goods / parcels will be delivered to provinces / countries through the local major seaport system
– Combined courier: by using a combination of 2 or more different modes of transportation, goods / parcels will be transported to the provinces quickly and economically.
Among the above forms of express delivery, air and road are the two main and most used forms of express delivery.
Hopefully with the above article, you have understood more specifically what the concept of express delivery is and the popular forms of express delivery today.
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